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Lay Leadership

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St Bartholomew's leadership is comprised of a team of non-clergy church members (called "lay people") that volunteer in a variety of roles to manage the church's daily operations, major projects, and the growth of the church.

Angela Romatzick

Senior Warden

Terry Transue

Vestry Member, Outreach Coordinator

Molly Roberts

Vestry Member

Dora Owens

Administrative Staff

Kevin Noel

Communications and IT

Mary Scholle

Junior Warden

Dakota Bender

Vestry Member

Kathy Ramsey

Vestry Member

Ashley Andrews


Deb Noel

Sunday School Lead Teacher

Elizabeth Keele

Junior Warden

Tiffany Lawrie

Vestry Member

Megan Cooper

Vestry Member

Brian Cooper

Clerk of Vestry

Nancy Harmon

Choir Director

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