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At St. Bartholomew’s, when a loved one passes away, the Priest and Lay Pastoral Leader are available to visit with and pray with the family, and make arrangements for an appropriate funeral or memorial service.  While it is flexible, the service of the burial of dead assumes that the liturgy will take place in the context of a celebration of the Holy Communion. Episcopal funerals are closed-casket services.  The coffin is covered by a simple drape or pall—rather than flowers. The reason for this is our conviction that in death, all human beings are equal. 

In the liturgy of The Burial of the Dead, we affirm our participation in the mysteries of God and the conviction that death is not end of life.  The Episcopal liturgy of burial is an Easter Liturgy.  In this liturgy, we affirm our belief that because Christ rose from the dead, we also shall be raised from the dead. 

If someone you love is near death, we encourage you to contact our Administrative Assistant (919-542-5679) and the Rector will contact you in order to set up a time to meet and pray with you, plan the service, and minister to you in any way possible.

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